Though strangers come into and out of our lives every day, there are some that will remain with us forever. Our embroidered legacy emblem is offered to you in that spirit.

The entire Just Cause Scrubs movement started as a very simple effort to bring together a group of nurses and doctors from a cancer office in Greenville, SC to raise a couple of dollars to help a single, particular patient fighting a very rare, aggressive, and often incurable cancer…osteosarcoma. Those efforts eventually became Sarcoma Warriors, Inc.

That patient passed away before he could see how he touched the hearts of the members of his cancer team, but his Sarcoma Warriors have continued on with their charitable efforts.

To date, they have raised nearly $250,000 to support families from all over the state of South Carolina.

By selecting this legacy logo, you are honoring these amazing individuals, their stories, and the people that love them. Additionally, with the purchase of these scrubs, 50% of the profits will be automatically donated to Sarcoma Warriors, Inc., the charity that started this entire journey.

Our warriors, new and old, continue their fights each day marking the many joys of life that we take for granted as small victories. Others have lost their illustrious battles, but continue to touch us through photographs, stories, and memories. Without a doubt, all of these warriors have left a permanent mark on the spirit of this company.

“Don’t regret knowing the people who come into your life. Good people give you happiness. Bad people give you experience. The worst ones give you lessons and the best people give you memories.”