Do you want to earn free scrubs? Are you someone who loves to network? Do you enjoy supporting a great cause and sharing “feel good” things with others? If so, we encourage you to consider applying to be a Just Cause Scrubs Ambassador!

Why join us? Our company offers customers the unique opportunity to give back in a meaningful way by donating 50% of the profits from every scrub purchase to one of our Just Causes. By becoming one of our ambassadors, you have the opportunity to give back as well, by donating your time and sharing our amazing mission with the world. We know by choosing the profession that you have, you are already a person who has a desire to help others. That’s why we believe joining forces with past, current, and future healthcare providers is the perfect way to get the word out there!

Our story is an easy one to share. We firmly believe people will enjoy shopping with Just Cause Scrubs, because they know that even before receiving their new set of scrubs, they have already made an impact on someone else’s life. Because of this, your role as one of our ambassadors is an important one, as your networking allows new customers to get involved and learn more about our mission, and each purchase you generate benefits a great cause!

So, are you ready to join our Just Cause team?

To learn more, contact us at or give us a call at 1-800-419-6171.