About the model. Isaiah is nothing short of a rock star.  This was taken by on the day that he had a big sarcoma type tumor removed from his chest wall.  He has long since recovered and is poised to do amazing things!

Because You Never Stop Caring

Someone once said, “The practice of medicine is an art, not a trade, a calling, not a business; a calling in which your heart will be exercised equally with your head.”  Those words ring true with us. We’re sure they do with you, as well.

That’s why you do what you do.

And that’s why at Just Cause Scrubs we do what we do.

Thank you for your consideration.

Our Story

When Dr. Scott Porter, a sarcoma surgeon, and his friends Marshall and Laura Johnson got together to discuss making an impact on the world through charity, an idea was born.

Scott had both an MD and an MBA, so his business sensibilities and compassion were uniquely aligned in a way rarely found in clinical practice. Marshall was an entrepreneur having built several companies involved in the textile industry with a deep understanding of the logistics of the business.  Laura was transitioning from a career in education to consulting while handling the marketing for another start up.  Together, they have grown Just Cause Scrubs, a nationally influential and impactful concept that marries the professional expertise and philanthropic efforts of its founders.

Scott Porter, MD

Marshall Johnson

Laura Perkins Johnson

But the story goes deeper. Scott and the Johnsons met through Marshall and Laura’s son, Thomas who was mentored by Scott for his senior thesis on osteosarcoma, a very rare and deadly cancer that just happened to be Scott’s specialty. The families shared stories of friends and loved ones who battled cancer and other diseases, and the concept of Just Cause Scrubs came into being both as an idea…and a passion project. It has brought them together with zealotry and focus that’s truly palpable when you speak with them.

Scott has taken his medical industry connections, Marshall has taken his background in sourcing and running small businesses, and Laura has taken her organizational and marketing interests, and together they have created a company with a clear mission, low costs, and a powerful story that can truly change the world, one set of scrubs at a time.

Key Facts

50% of all net profits are given to our charity partners

You’ll pay the same price you’ve been paying for the same scrubs you’ve been wearing

We keep costs low with our small but passionate and highly-dedicated team

We gladly do customized embroidery

We give our customers the chance to stay in the fight for patients, even when they’re not at work

Group Orders

Whether you’re buying scrubs for 5 team members or 5000, Just Cause Scrubs will be there for you with outstanding and appreciative customer service. And we’ll certainly help your group’s contributions be recognized by the charity of your choice. We offer:

  • Flexible group delivery and payment options
  • Custom embroidery services
  • Scrub standardization by brand, style and/or color
  • Individual, internet-based shopping at the time and place convenient for your team
  • Personal group landing page, microsite, and sale portal for your team
  • On-boarding of the charity of your choice*

*Restrictions Apply

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has..” – Margaret Mead

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